Company Events

Company Events

The Company offers a varied programme of events to suit all interests. These include formal dinners for livery and guests, social occasions to include spouses, partners and friends, and the grand annual installation banquet at Mansion House. Various craft and sports events are also available as well as fundraising activities.
Members wishing to book events must log in to the Members Area and go to Company Event Notices & Bookings under the Events tab or from the sidebar of the member's area. .

Livery Dinners

Liverymen only are entitled to attend livery dinners in their own right; however guests are welcome except for the July dinner which is ‘Livery only’.  Guests are encouraged and may be colleagues, friends, neighbours, customers, etc., and particularly those who may be prospective members.  Liverymen may also invite other classes of Members of the Company as their guests. Livery companies offer a unique blend of social and professional networking.  They exist to promote fellowship and support the craft or trade and to educate and assist others through charitable giving.   Consequently Liverymen are unable to invite their spouses or life partners to attend as a guest.  Similarly couples should not be invited together as guests.

+ Spring Livery Dinner with Guests; first Thursday of April, reception 6.30pm
+ Midsummer Livery-only dinner, first Thursday of July, reception at 6.30pm
+ Michaelmas Livery Dinner with Guests; first Thursday of October, reception at 6.30pm

For the formal dinners, the dress is always black tie or mess kit with badges of office.  Decorations are reserved for the annual installation banquet.

The City is today a major business and financial centre, ranking alongside New York City as the leading centre of global finance; throughout the 19th century, the City served as the world's primary business centre, and continues to be a major meeting point for businesses to this day. The City has a resident population of a little over 11,000, but around 316,700 people work there, mainly in the financial services sector.  The legal profession forms a major component of the western side of the City.  108 Livery Companies maintain the City's history and traditions in their respective crafts, trades and professions.  There are 40 Livery Halls within the City’s Roman boundary.

Installation Events

The installation of the Master and Wardens takes place on St. Andrew’s Day 30 November.
The Common Hall, Reception and Supper will be held at a nearby Livery Hall, the Service of Thanksgiving will be held at a Church of the Master-elect’s choosing.  The Master, Wardens, Beadle and Clerk process from Hall to Church in their Livery Gowns, accompanied by the entire Court of Assistants.


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With an Upright Heart All Are Exalted

The Company has been a "Force for Good" in the City for over 380 years. From enabling leisure and entertainment in the Coffee Houses, Parlours and Ale Taverns of King Charles's time, to our more modern role of providing opportunities for disadvantaged children, we have always attracted able people who want to make a difference.

If you are interested in helping to "Make a Difference" in the City and beyond, please contact the Clerk to find out more about how we might help you to make the best use of your skills.